Tuesday, January 4, 2011


When first trying out a new substance, it is a good idea to take several steps to minimize potential dangers that might result. The first of these steps is to take a small "test dose", about a third to a half of the recommended dosage to see if you might be allergic to the substance, and also to test if the full experience is something you want. After a test dose, thirty to sixty minutes should pass before any more is tried. If the experience is pleasant and you choose to take more, the two combined doses should not exceed the first time or effective dose by much. Secondly, if intoxicated in any way, or if having any conscious altering experiences, one should not operate heavy machinery for the safety of one's health and the health of others. One should also refrain from dangerous or physically demanding activities as one might not be in one's full judgment capacity. I'm sure there are many more things I could mention, but they're all common sense and you get the idea. However, what one chooses to do is up to one's self, and the above are just precautions to make trying new substances as pleasant as possible.


  1. you know anything about that "bath salt" stuff i keep hearin about it

  2. i'm glad you asked, i've been hearing about that too. i'll definitely make a new post about it.