Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Bath Salts" aka "Plant Food" aka Mephedrone

Common terms - most popularly called bath salts, it is also known and sold as plant food.

Type of drug: Stimulant, Euphorant
  • A common dose of mephedrone is from 100 to 200 milligrams ingested orally, and 20 to 80 milligrams snorted.
Mephedrone sold as plant food

Powdered mephedrone
Does it work? Absolutely. Users report similar effects to those of MDMA, cocaine, and methamphetamine. It is a very new compound, recently rediscovered in 2003. It is rapidly gaining notoriety and has been made illegal in many European countries

Mephedrone can be found in head shops or online, and is called by names such as "Ivory Wave" or "Cloud 9". These products claim their product to be plant food or bath salts, and do not market it for human consumption, but buyers buy it mainly for it's euphoric effects.

Mephedrone has effects on the brain similar to amphetamines. It increases the production of monoamine neurotransmitters, while at the same time inhibiting their reuptake. This means that more "feel good" chemicals are released in the brain, and the system that removes them from the brain is decreased for a short time, resulting in euphoria. This chemical is said to be INCREDIBLY addictive due to it's pharmacological similarity to amphetamines.

When ingested orally or insufflated, the effects of mephedrone include those similar to cocaine, MDMA, and methamphetamine; euphoria, physical stimulation, increased sociability, and a feeling of empathy. However, it also has quite a few negative effects, which increase in likelihood as the dose increases. These include heart palpitations, insomnia, vasoconstriction, changes in body temperature, a very strong urge to redose (addiction), and in some cases, death. Very few, if any, lab studies have been done on mephedrone, so users should proceed with extreme caution.

Mephedrone has been made illegal in many countries, and even while it's not technically scheduled in the US, it still falls under the Federal Analogue Act. It has also been made illegal in Florida and North Dakota. Even though mephedrone may be a quasi-legal high for now, its negative and long term effects are still unknown. Therefore, it is best to wait until more studies are done to determine its safety. However, readers of this blog are all individuals with their own compass, and it is up to them which substances they choose to use or not to use, and the above information is given for informational purposes only. Again, If you choose to consume any substance, it is your own decision and I am in no way responsible. Good luck, see ya next post.



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